Who Am I?

Hi I'm Yugesh Reganti, a problem-solving enthusiast and Java programmer, and I welcome you to my portfolio website! As a passionate problem solver and Java programming enthusiast, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. With a Master of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from New England College, I have a strong academic foundation. My professional journey at DBS Tech and Edgeverve Systems has further strengthened my problem-solving abilities and expertise in Java programming. Through my academic and personal projects, such as teaching Java programming and implementing cryptographic algorithms, I have consistently demonstrated my dedication to finding innovative solutions. I am eager to leverage my skills and experience to overcome challenges and contribute to the world of computer science.

My interests

Here are some of my interests

Problem Solving

Java & Spring

Database Design


Cloud Computing

Playing Games

Years experience
My Specialty

My Skills

Programming: Java, Python, C, C++, Finacle Scripting, Javascript, NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, PHP, Shell Scripting

Database: MySQL, Oracle SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, NoSQL, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch

DevOps: Jenkins CICD Pipeline, AWS(CloudFormation Stack, EC2, IAM, ECS, RDS, S3, Lambda, EKS, Fargate, ALB), Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift

Other: HTML, CSS, Apache Kafka, Graphql, Rest API, SOAP, AJAX, Spring Boot, Bootstrap, OAuth, WebSockets, JasperReports, GitHub, Git, BitBucket, Jira



New England College

G.P.A - 4.0/4.0

Rochester Institute of Technology

G.P.A - 4.0/4.0

Sri Venkateswara University

G.P.A - 3.98/4.0


Work Experience

New England College

Adjunct Faculty in Information Systems 2024-Present

  • Teaching graduate-level courses in Java, Python Programming and Network Communications
  • Collaborate with students to identify areas for improvement and implement strategies to address challenges.
  • Provide guidance and support to students on their projects, offering mentorship and assistance to help them achieve their academic goals.

Development Bank of Singapore Tech

Full Stack Developer 2019-2021

  • Led a team of three in the development of a Java Spring Boot Web Application for a new synthetic deposits product by implementing agile practices, resulting in a 5% increase in profitability.
  • Enhanced the synthetic interest calculation algorithm, achieving a 25% boost using multithreading in Java.
  • Utilized AG Grid and pagination with Elasticsearch(NOSQL DB) to boost data retrieval speed by 4 times.
  • Utilized a microservices architecture to automate CRM for FX deal booking, achieving a substantial reduction in booking time from 3 hours to 5 minutes by leveraging REST APIs that talk to multiple bank systems.
  • Implemented OAuth2 with Spring Security for authentication and authorization to secure the Application.
  • Implemented WebSockets and Apache Kafka to cut latency by 50%, to provide real-time exchange rates.
  • Introduced GraphQL to the team, reducing the number of API endpoints by 50%.
  • Managed full application lifecycle, deploying Kubernetes managed docker containers using Jenkins CI/CD.

Edgeverve Systems (Infosys)

Senior Software Engineer 2016-2019

  • Led a team of 6 in implementing International Finance Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Finacle Banking Solution.
  • Reduced manual effort by 40% through the use of REST APIs for fair value calculation of bank accounts.
  • Introduced the team to JasperReports, significantly reducing report development time by 30%
  • Optimized bulk transaction API’s and batch/cron jobs by implementing multithreading, resulting in a 30% reduction in processing time for transactions from external payment systems.
  • Created reports with iReport for balance sheet analysis, supporting daily, monthly, and yearly decisions.
  • Developed custom UI screens using AngularJS and REST APIs for capturing customer debit card details.
academic/personal projects


Teaching Assistant at RIT

Skills: Java, Python, Data Structures, Algorithms

  • Served as a teaching assistant at RIT, imparting comprehensive knowledge of Java programming, algorithms, and data structures to undergraduate students.
  • Developed and delivered engaging instructional materials, including lectures, assignments, and hands‑on programming exercises, resulting in improved student comprehension and performance.
  • Provided individualized support and guidance to students, conducting regular office hours andfacilitating interactive discussions to address questions, clarify concepts, and reinforce learning objectives.

Cryptographic Algorithm Implementation and Performance Enhancement

Skills: Java, DES, AES, SHA, RSA, Cryptography

  • Successfully implemented commonly used cryptographic algorithms including AES, DES, SHA, RSA, and Basic ciphers in JAVA.
  • Implemented performance optimization techniques such as Multiply and Square, Double and Add, and Chinese Theorem to accelerate Modular arithmetic operations for improved algorithm efficiency.
  • Enhanced the learning experience by incorporating afeature to print each step of the algorithm on the console, improving internal understanding of the cryptographic algorithms.

Bank Marketing Data Analysis

Skills: Python, Jupyter Notebook, Numpy, Pandas, Classification, Big Data

  • Conducted extensive analysis and comparison of multiple machine learning classification techniques on the bank marketing dataset.
  • Employed large‑scale training datasets to train and evaluate various models.
  • Leveraged the power of numpy and pandas libraries to efficiently handle and manipulate the extensive training data sets.
  • Implemented data preprocessing techniques to ensure data quality and improve model performance.
  • Utilized rigorous evaluation metrics, such as accuracy, to determine the best performing classification model.

Webapp for college Techfest, SVU College of Engineering

Skills: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MYSQL & Web Hosting

  • Developed a web application for the annual Techfest at SVU College of Engineering, enabling online participant registration and delivering realtime updates on the event.
  • Implemented a sophisticated algorithm to efficiently allocate workshops to participants based on their preferences, ensuring each individual could participate in at least two workshops.


  • AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, Amazon Web Services
  • AWS Certified Developer Associate, Amazon Web Services
  • Certification in Operating Systems, Arizona State University (ASU) CPE Program
  • Certification in Principles of Programming Languages, Arizona State University (ASU) CPE Program
  • Certification in Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming, Arizona State University (ASU) CPE Program
  • Data Structures and Algorithms, Coursera
  • Java Programming and Software Engineering, Coursera
  • SRE Practitioner, SRE accreditation program of DBS
  • Application Security Titan, Security certification of DBS


  • Secured the 3rd rank in the Hackathon (Hack a Heart) conducted by Aconex on the HackerEarth platform. Achieved recognition for innovative thinking, collaboration, and problem‑solving abilities, and was awarded an iPad as a prize
  • Ranked in the Top 5 participants in the hackathon organized by DBS Tech. Recognized for outstanding performance, which re‑ sulted in a full‑time employment offer for demonstrating exceptional problem‑solving and technical skills
  • Teaching Assistant position at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology), showcasing strong academic credentials and expertise in the relevant subject matter
  • Received the EVSuperLeague Award for successfully customizing the Liquidity Management System and integrating it with the Core Banking System for RAKBANK. Showcased exceptional technical expertise and contributed to enhancing the bank’s effi‑ ciency in managing liquidity
  • Recognized as a Top performer by the senior management team at Infosys for securing a remarkable score of 93% in the SWE (Software Engineering) training. Demonstrated strong dedication, technical competence, and commitment to excellence
  • Coordinator in a Non‑profit organization (passmanovikas) to provide medical and basic needs for mentally challenged children
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